Business Meeting Summary

Here’s a quick summary of our meeting on the 7th October. It’s not the official minutes, which will be posted here soon, it’s just my recollections.

I felt the meeting was really positive and enthusiastic (from en (in) and theos (God)). I talked about the people that I have got round to see so far (I’ve seen a couple more since – I hope to see everyone eventually!) and said that there were two emphases in terms of how people wanted revive to grow: to reconnect with God together and with our heritage of creative worship, and to be more available to new people.

Our first step has been to reconfigure our meetings a bit, so that Sundays are generally something we can all do. Film nights seem to be very popular, and we agreed that we would find a way of making them more ‘public’ (although it’s very expensive to show a film in public…). Our food/fellowship/pray nights were felt to be a great way of including the whole family, so we agreed to have them at 4pm once a month. The first one will be next week! The book group has been really great for those of us (myself included) who love to get into things in a fairly intellectual way, but it’s a bit of a marmite thing and some people just don’t engage with God in that way. So we took the decision to make it a midweek group, and see if we can use the two freed up Sundays every month to get intimate with God and creative in how we do that… That may mean we don’t need to have six days away a year – maybe three and a weekend?

Here we all are hard at work drinking.

We now have a variety of fortnightly groups that meet during the week. I’ve suggested that each group has a ‘connector’ person; how the group is led is up to the members. The connectors can meet occasionally to, er, connect. We’ll have a free market for midweek groups: anyone can start one up and we’ll see what survives! (In the calendar on this site I’ve added James and Jez’s group, which isn’t technically a revive group, but is full of revive-y people…)

In terms of making revive more accessible, we talked about the film nights, about Cafe Theologique and about something like Alpha that was perhaps slightly more open to the questions and needs of those that came to it.

The big question is who’s going to do all of this – I can’t do it all on a day a week. If each different bit of revive had a connector/organiser, that would make a big difference. We’ll try to work that out over the next few weeks. But the truth is that if we don’t all share this we will probably end up doing the bits for ourselves, and not the bits for others.

SO… it was a great meeting and I’m really excited to be working for you all again! See you soon!

Much love,


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