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If you’ve been to the Left Bank God Group since September, then you’ll have met Alie George, a final year student from Leeds Uni who has been helping out with our ADVENTurous and who has written a reflective report for us on her experiences and her thought for how we can do stuff at Left Bank in the future that opens people up to God and yet can still rightly be called art.

If you’d like to read her thoughts just click on the link below:

ADVENTurous Report

2 thoughts on “ADVENTurous Report

  1. thanks for the report Alie its very useful and interesting. it might just be worth mentioning a link to who staged the National ADVENTurous arts event which Leftbank was a part of, designed the brief, and selected / commissioned the work.

    do let me know if you require further details…



  2. Hi Gav,

    Alice was commissioned to help what we call the Left Bank God Group (kind of a crossover group between Left Bank and revive) work out how to mix God and art in the Left Bank space, rather than to reflect more widely on the ADVENTurous project. She ran the blog, which was brilliant, and I think that made it clear where the concept had come from…


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