Weekend away news

Hi everyone,

This is your last chance to sign up for our weekend away, 7-9 June.

For those that are coming, here’s a bit of info:

Our visiting speaker is Liz West. Liz was involved in the earliest years of revive, when she was working for YWAM and Cell UK. Like us, she has been on a long journey, including starting a ‘network church’, experiencing the pain of bereavement, and subsequently reassessing her faith and exploring the contemplative tradition. She’s going to talk on the theme, ‘What kind of life do we need to have fullness of life?’

The trip to the pub was a great success last time, so be prepared for that again, and a walk too (hopefully not quite so wet!)

Kids work is going to be DIY, so if you’re a parent of an under 9, please assume you will be doing one of three sessions on the Saturday. We have some volunteers for the older group, but if anyone else would like to help, let us know (simon.hall@actionreflection.org.uk)!


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