Jamie Fletcher

Yesterday was a fantastic gathering at James & Giselle’s. I videoed Jamie’s performance which can now be viewed below:

See more of Jamie here – www.jamiefletcherband.co.uk.

I am a Director, Musician and Performer based in Leeds and I wrote this song about 5 years ago when I was a part of Pointed Arrow Performance’s core artistic direction team. The theatre company comprised of a variety of faith perspectives and would actively encourage conversations and dialogues about faith, politics and everything in-between. It was through the work we made as a theatre company making performances for public spaces and non-theatre venues as well as the everyday conversations we had with each other and with the different communities we made work with and for that I found my way back to God.

I started a new journey or at least a new chapter, a real honesty and openness with God, learning that challenging and wrestling with different thoughts and ideologies was a healthy part of being a good Christian. I guess in a way this is my love song to God. A way to give thanks.

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