Advent Calendar Door #1 – Jesus is…a gift

I have a new friend and his name is Paul. I am mentoring him in the world of BASE jumping and whenever we are stood at the top of something, we say a prayer together. God gave me the gift of parachuting and as part of the deal, it is my job to spread his Word in this wonderful and unique world of individuals.

A few weeks ago, we are stood at the top of a 16 story skyscraper late one evening. The views are stunning above the city and everything is peaceful and quiet. The landing area was mapped out on a road bordering a graveyard and I was ready to jump! Paul was there to watch, but not jump on this occasion. However, I was not entirely on the ball. I had forgotton to say the customary blessing prayer before the forthcoming jump.

Despite the fact Paul was not a Christian, he gently reminded me of my error and we did the prayer together on the spot. The jump went as planned, without incident and we all had a lot of fun.

With Christmas not far away, it is normal to exchange gifts with each other. For me, this jump will always be a memorable gift because of Paul’s simple prompt. Sometimes gifts can be intangible, sometimes they are two-way and sometimes they come from the most unexpected of places.

Today’s reflection was written by Simon B. One of the many gifts God has given us is Jesus, and he definitely showed up in the most unexpected of places, so this seemed a brilliant place to start our Advent journey. We hope you will join us as we start to unwrap that amazing gift over the next few weeks, with different voices sharing different reflections on Jesus, the one we hope to find among the tinsel and the turkey on Christmas Day. And we also hope this will be an encouragement for you to recognise some of the other gifts God has given you this Advent, and to share those gifts with other, just as Simon did on top of that skyscraper.

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