Advent Calendar Door #3 – Jesus is…mystery

Posted: December 3, 2015 by leighannegreenwood in Uncategorized

Si Smith has kindly given me access to the drawings he has done for Advent and Lent in previous years, so I am really fortunate to be able to reflect on some of these wonderful images over the course of this series of blogs. Today they are taken from days two and six of the Advent series. I don’t want to detract from Si’s work with too many words, so I have just added a brief thought below.

Advent 2

Advent 6

From a single star we zoom out to see a corner of the universe…and our view expands.

From a corner of a town we zoom in to see a single door…and our view contracts.

Jesus is in the vastness of the cosmos and in a young girl receiving the most unexpected visitor.

He is in the infinitely huge and in the infinitely tiny.

He shows us the biggest picture and draws our attention to the smallest detail.

And in this great contrast we learn that he is mystery…but the mystery is wonderful and it is breathtaking.

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