Advent Calendar Door #10 – Jesus is…in Bethlehem

Posted: December 10, 2015 by leighannegreenwood in Uncategorized

Today’s reflection is from Ed. He says “The text and prayer below are taken from the Amos Trust Bethlehem Pack, which I can thoroughly recommend. The challenge of ‘God is love and God is beyond love’ is one that is alive beyond the fortunate position I find myself in. So here we revisit that place of Jesus’ birth…”

If Jesus was born today in Bethlehem, the Wise Men would spend several hours queueing to enter the town. The shepherds, despite being residents of Bethlehem, would struggle to graze their sheep as their land, annexed by the building of the Separation Wall and inaccessible became of the a lack of freedom to travel and restrictions on trade, make it impossible for them to earn a living.

Over the last months as tension and violence has risen across Israel and Palestine, people remain unaware of the desperation and oppression that fuels this. For peace to come to Palestine and Israel, we must speak out about the injustices faced by Palestinians and support them with our prayers.

What does God is love mean in this context and for the people of Palestine?

God-with-us, you sit down in our midst. Nothing can separate us from your love – not towering concrete walls or the deep darkness between searchlights; not distance from friends or despair in our hearts that the world’s wrongs cannot be changed. You are with our brothers crowded at the checkpoint, with our sisters witnessing for peace: you sit down in our midst. Born into poverty to displace people living under occupation, you shared our human lives, and we know that your love can never be contained by the walls of separation. You sit down in our midst, God-with-us. Amen.



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