Lent Day 7 – Wandering Wondering

Posted: February 17, 2016 by leighannegreenwood in Lent

Today’s reflection comes from Liz

As a pre-teen I was very keen on UFO’s, it wasn’t so much a case of ‘I want to believe’ as ‘I just haven’t seen one yet….’.

Before the X-Files and before The Outer Limits I had books about Roswell and Area 51 and drank it all in and then simultaneous David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson crushes cemented my interest as a teenager, or certainly motivated me beyond my waning need to prove anything.

Then just when my interest might have dissipated my Dad started to pass on his Science Fiction collection a few books at a time. Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov and into Robert Heinlein. They all shaped my mind in a way I can only hope to dream of doing for our kids. These books taught me to wonder, to think beyond the boundaries the world told me I had to exist within. These books taught me to look beyond the trees, beyond what we can see and to narrow the eyes for a moment or an hour and let the mind conjure up other possibilities.

Beyond me.

These stories prepared my mind for my faith which would come much much later. My belief in God is founded on the fact that this is not ‘it’. The world is not bound by what I can see, experience or feel. It’s not bound by the limited capacity that even all the people on this little planet have to imagine and wonder.

A wise person once said (possibly quoting another wise person but aren’t we all standing on shoulders of giants?) that he was perfectly happy to accept that God is not limited to what we can imagine, that God can’t be defined by the parameters our mind sets or explained using the words we have been taught. I buy that. I’m happy with that. Imagine if we could pin that down? I wouldn’t want to know, completely, not yet.

I saw something on the Facebook the other day that wasn’t a complete waste of time. This something gave me a minute or so of wonder and marvel. This is the reflective bit, the Lent bit I guess! We’re in a time of praying and waiting on God, of searching, of longing. When I see this clip I am reminded that God made all things, that many are above and beyond the world we walk through, that incredible beings do fly, identifiable granted but can we truly understand them? I hope not, I like the wandering wondering.


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