Lent 15 – God With Us

Today’s reflection is taken from something I recently wrote for college and continues some of my reflections from Christmas about Jesus as Emmanuel..

I believe that Jesus is God with us and for us and like us, the presence of the creator made visible in his creation.

I believe that he is God come into our world and taking our form, so that he could know us better and we could know him better.

I believe that he is God entering into the dirt and mess of our lives, so that we could see that is where he has always been.

I believe that he is God opening himself to joy and love and friendship and pain and disappointment and despair, to reassure us that all of these things are part of being human.

I believe that he is God touching the leper and welcoming the outcast, to teach us that we are all loved and we must all love.

I believe that he is God nailed to a cross and walking out of an empty tomb, to tell us that love and hope and goodness will always win.

I believe that he is the clearest picture we have of God, so when we see that he is wise and kind and passionate, that he has a heart for the ignored and the oppressed, that he is driven by love and a desire for wholeness, we see that God is all of these things too.

I believe that this is the most incredible and fundamental truth, the beautiful paradox that makes the world make sense and helps me understand how I can live in it.


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