What is revive? A blog about labels…

On Sunday night we continued our conversation about what God is saying to us about the future of revive and I (Simon) was called out for excessive theological jargon. Fair cop! I apologise. My only defense is that in the world of clergy these labels are used constantly. Let me outline roughly¬†what I said: ThereContinue reading “What is revive? A blog about labels…”

Is Revive Queer?

‘Seriously, this is the queerest church I’ve ever known!’ This was undoubtedly an unreserved compliment, coming as it did from an LGBTQ+ activist. It was said last night at revive. It was also a challenge that we do more than accept our queerness; that we embrace it, celebrate it, publicly declare it. Queerness here isContinue reading “Is Revive Queer?”