Introducing the Jesse Blog

Posted: November 24, 2016 by leighannegreenwood in Uncategorized

This year for advent, we will be turning the blog into an online Jesse Tree…and you get to be part of decorating of it!

The idea of a Jesse Tree is to add one decoration for each day of Advent, with the decorations bearing symbols that relate to characters or events from the Bible, so that by Christmas Day, the tree tells the story of all that led to the coming of Jesus.

Apparently there are a million and one variations on the Jesse Tree, so I have gone with a slightly adapted version of the one I found here, not least because I could actually makes sense of most of the symbols!

Jesse Tree.png

I will set up a brief post for each day, but I would love you to contribute thoughts, pictures, songs, videos, quotes…or whatever else you can think of that relates to any of these characters or stories.

All you need to do is send anything you want to see up on the blog to and I will sort the rest.

I look forward to seeing and sharing what you find, and I hope this race through the scriptures will help root us in God’s story as we get ready to celebrate Jesus’ birth.


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