Marking Lent

Today is the start of Lent, forty days (depending on how you count it) of reflection, leading up to Easter. Here I have collected a number of different ways of marking the season and setting aside time for contemplation and action.




40 Acts

40 Acts is a “generosity challenge for Lent”, encouraging people to carry out small kindnesses that can make a difference. The website is updated every day or you can sign up to get an email straight into your inbox.


40 Thoughts

This Facebook page posts a simple thought or challenge for each day in Lent, and if last year is anything to go by, they will start some interesting thoughts of your own.


Leeds Prayer Diary

Every year, Pray4Leeds produces a Prayer Diary for Lent, with a different Christian organisation to pray for each day. This year there will be a few that are familiar to Revive, so be encouraged by the fact that people all over the city will be praying for things we are involved in, and join them in praying for other groups you may not yet have heard of.


Living Lent Daily

This is a daily series of scripture-based reflections, which you can sign up to receive as emails. It comes out of the Jesuit tradition of spirituality, which has been significant for me for some years now.


How to Disappear Completely

Si’s art was at the heart of our Easter worship last year, and this year he has produced a comic reflecting on some of the themes of Lent and life in Leeds. I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.


Yorkshire Baptist Association Reflections

The YBA have asked different people to reflect on how they encounter Jesus in their everyday life. Here is a link to the first of the weekly reflections, with a familiar face or two…


I hope there is something here that sparks your interest, but even if not, I encourage you to take this excuse to find more moments of quiet, and start new habits in your life and spirituality.



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