Christmas is coming…

Your chocolate calendars may say December 1st, but the liturgical calendar says December 3rd. Either way the season of Advent is soon to be upon us, and so I’ve been nosing about the internet to find some good material. I’m not quite sure what the blog will look like over Advent yet, but I hope some of these ideas may help you find a good rhythm as chaos threatens to creep in.

Pray As You Go A number of us already use this app, and for the past few years Pray As You Go have teamed up with Sacred Space to provide an Advent Retreat. Here is the link to this year’s.

Loyola Press Lots here from the Jesuit tradition, so perfect for those who are keen to engage with more Ignatian spirituality. They have advent calendars, art based reflections, a Jesse tree (remember that from last year?), prayers…the works!

The Meaning is in the Waiting I still haven’t finished the Lent book I started as a teenager, but this year I am attempting an Advent devotional. If you would like to join me on this journey, here is the book I have chosen.

Family Advent Devotional I’ve seen a sample, and this looks like it has some lovely material for using together as a family. It is a printable resource, which means no waiting for a delivery, so great for a last minute panic!

Advent Challenge Sign up to get three challenges for each day of Advent. I won’t know until I’ve seen the first one, but these things are generally good for engaging the whole family.

Advent Conspiracy If Christmas is already getting you down, and you need a fresh appraoch to this season, the four tenents of the Advent Conspiracy may be a breath of fresh air.

Do Nothing Christmas Is Coming So popular it’s sold out on Amazon, if you can get hold of a copy in time, this book may also encourage you to slow down and take time out.




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