The journey so far…

I’ve been blogging our teaching as we’ve journeyed deeper into the Bible, and so as we take a hiatus, this seems a good time to collect all of those blogs into one place. So here they are…

Getting started

Genre in the Bible: Introduction

Genre in the Bible: Law

Genre in the Bible: History to Apocalypse

Genre in the Bible: Gospels and Letters

Thinking differently about genre: Myth

Thinking differently about genre: Narrative

Reading in the light of Jesus

Putting it into practice

Introducing the Old Testament

Violence in the Old Testament (and in the New)

Dissonant voices in the Old Testament

Good news in the Old Testament


And for those of you wanting to explore the terrain further, here are some of the books that we have used as guides so far…

The Bible Makes Sense by Walter Brugemann

The Old Testament is Dying by Brent A Strawn

The Bible Tells Me So by Pete Enns

Disarming Scripture by Derek Flood

Texts of Terror by Phylis Tribble

Not In God’s Name by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs

And for other further reading on violence in the Old Testament, I highly recommend this series of blogs from Helen Paynter, who will be lecturing on this topic next year.





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