Art of Lent – Peace

This Lent I am using Sister Wendy Beckett’s ‘The Art of Lent’ as my daily devotional. Each day offers a work of art and a short thought. Each Sunday I will share what has struck me most during the week.


I have to admit that I wasn’t particularly struck by any of the artwork this week, but I did like what Sister Wendy said about the need for balance in order to find peace, which she compared to the way Piet Mondrian balanced simple lines and blocks of colours in Composition in Red, Yellow and Blue.


She talked specifically about the balance of desire and potential, not wanting too much or stretching too far, but we might also talk about the balance between activity and  rest, or between company and solitude, or between work and pleasure. Perhaps the trickiest thing is realising that the balance will constantly change, so that we must always be self-aware and willing to reassess and make adjustments.

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