The Gospel According to Us

On Sunday evening, we spent time sharing the ways in which the gospel has been good news for us. It’s not my place to share the stories that were told, but it was great to hear of encouragement and presence and fulfillment, of God helping us make sense of the world and assuring us that we are enough.

This time of sharing happened on what would normally be a sentness night. This was not just a filler because we didn’t have anyone to send, but something I have been wanting us to do for some time, because these stories are part of what we are sent into the world with. They are the good news we are called to share as much as the stories of Jesus are, because they turn history into testimony, and invite others to discover or recover their own good news stories.

So I encourage you to take time to think about how the good news of Christ has been good news for you, first to remember and celebrate all the blessings of a life of faith, and then to start thinking about how you might bless others with your story as part of your sending.


We also talked a little about how difficult it is to be good news in a world full of bad news, how hard it is to stay generous and loving and hopeful when people and events threaten to makes us angry and bitter and hateful.

I don’t have any ready answers to that, because it is something I really struggle with, but the more I read about nonviolent and creative resistance, the more convicted I am that this was the core of Jesus’ message and the heart of what it means to be people of good news. I’ll be exploring these ideas more in the near future, as this is the direction my dissertation has unexpectedly but blessedly led me in. I encourage you to explore them too, and perhaps we’ll talk later…


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