Ignatian Roundup

This isn’t about some kind of spiritual weedkiller, but a chance to bring together all of the blogs from our series on Ignatian Spirituality.

We started with Ignatian Spirituality 101, a look at the life of Ignatius and some of the basic principles of spirituality in general and Ignatian spirituality in particular.

We then moved onto Ignatian Desire, or at least Ignatius’ ideas about desire and why we need to recognise and listen to our soul deep yearnings.

At the mid-way point and then again at the end of the series, we introduced some methods of Ignatian Prayer, which centre on contemplation and imagination and an openness to the Spirit.

Next we thought about Ignatian Living, specifically the principles of poverty and chastity and obedience, which have far more to offer than we may expect.

Finally we looked at Ignatian Discernment (and more!), the more including ideas about vocation and finding God in all things.

I’m sure I haven’t done Ignatian spirituality the justice it deserves, but I hope this has been an interesting exploration into a different tradition. I have been enormously blessed by my engagement with Ignatian spirituality over the past seven years, and I hope there may be some blessing in it for you.

If you want to dig deeper into this tradition, there are lots of resources online. The websites Ignatian Spirituality and God in All Things have lots to offer, and Pray As You Go and Reimagining the Examen offer apps which may help build a pattern of prayer. If you really want to get hardcroe with it, you might like to look into the Spiritual Exercises, which can be done as a thirty day retreat or a retreat in everyday life.

I leave you now with two prayers by Ignatius of Loyola, giving thanks for all that his rich prayer life has to teach us.




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