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Notes from Rachel Muers’ talk Jan 19

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Hi All,

Here is a cut and paste of Rachel’s notes, with a few additions of mine in bold that will hopefully make it make more sense.

“Why did Jesus call himself the “son of man”?

Before starting, one of my favourite short theological quotations
Gloria Dei vivens homo [explain] (translation – ‘The glory of God is the living human being’. Quote is from Irenaus)

And the follow up is “ and the life of a human being is the vision of God”

Non-competitive – not putting humanity down to raise God up – God is glorified in the life of humanity, in the human being fully alive

And then the next thing I tend to say is – this makes sense of Jesus – and you have to say that Jesus is the paradigm case not the exception. This is what a living human being who is the glory of God looks like… & this is the human life that is the vision of God (ie Jesus is the most humany human there ever was) (more…)