COVID-19, What on Earth is God Doing?

In our previous blog post, we talked about Cafe Theologique. Since then, the world is a different place. Most of us in the UK are locked-down geographically, but that doesn’t mean the conversation of faith has to be. With that in mind, Cafe Theologiqueoes online!

In the absence of any meetings in the foreseeable future, we will be trawling the interwebs for great contributors who can keep our minds active.

First up: Tom Oord! Tom visited us two years ago when we talked about prayer, but today we’re asking him an even bigger question: ‘In the light of COVID-19, What on Earth is God Doing?’

If you want to add your voice to this particular converdation, you can visit the Facebook page where the interview took place and add your comments. Tom has agreed to come back and respond to whatever we put to him.

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