7th Day of Advent – The Cornet and The Tenor Horn

By Jamie M.

I remember playing in brass bands from an early age (mainly cornet and tenor horn) and Christmas was of course an especially a lovely time to play in a band as we got to play carols and help raise money for local charities.

I love brass band music and whenever I hear Christmas carols now I can’t help but think and play along the different brass band parts in my head. It was always fun playing in a brass band, bringing Christmas cheer, playing different parts in the band and listening to how the music comes together. I also enjoyed the fellowship and social aspect of playing in the bands.

I also remember having to wear fingerless gloves in order to keep warm but still be able to play and then having a big hot chocolate drink in a break to warm up. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Once in Royal David’s City, In the bleak mid winter are three carols that have certainly stuck with me.

Once in Royal David’s City

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