Christmas Day – Some Thoughts on a Toddler

By Emma K
“I was inspired by her as a toddler, and other toddlers I know /knew, but I didn’t ask her for her thoughts. I have wondered before what He was like as a child. If he was fully human then he must have been fully annoying (and fully adorable too!)”

Toddlers. Lively (annoying) little things.
Oh, the splinters he must have got. Did he stress Mary out when he picked up his dad’s tools, did he get too close to the fire, did he cut himself on a chisel?
Was he a fussy eater? Did he like to drop mushed up bread on the floor. Did he cry when he heard ‘no’.

Was his favourite toy a cuddly rabbit, did he cry when he couldn’t find it? Did it get left behind when his family escaped from Herod’s henchmen?

How many grazed knees were there (did he secretly heal them when no one was looking?). Was he into everything, opening boxes and drawers and climbing up shelves, driving his parents and family nuts. Did he wander off, did he run out across the road in front of a donkey or cart, giving Joseph and Mary a heart attack?

Did he spend ages stacking cups and pieces of wood together, just to knock them down again ‘Look daddy, I made a mess’. Was he as innocent as all toddlers are, experimenting with noise and gravity (and all the other physics rules he
invented). I’d like to think he’d be the same as the other toddlers around him.

If you Google ‘toddler Jesus’, you get a lot of art of a blond haired, blue eyed little angelic boy with halos (plus some weird cartoons I dislike). These pics do nothing for me, they are neither real nor realistic. If you Google ‘Palestinian toddler’, you get a lot of pictures of young children that have been killed, or who are crying, suffering hardship and who are not able to just be little children. I like to think toddler Jesus is with them still, here, today.

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