22nd Day of Advent – The Sleigh Ride

By Caitlin C.
Music is at the heart of who Revive, both professionally and spiritually. Whether that be theatre directors, musicians, DJs or even the three albums Revive has released over the years; we love the new and the traditional. Caitlin tells us one of her favourite Christmas-time pieces of music that she was involved in:

“I love the sleigh ride piece. It reminds me of Christmas because every year the Halle Orchestra (and youth choir that I was a part of for 7 years in Manchester!) play it at their Christmas concerts. During my teenage years every December, we did 4 concerts and heard sleigh ride performed 4 times!!! So that’s a lot of sleigh ride. The orchestra would dress us in Christmassy outfits, it was amazing fun.

If you listen along there are loud, wooden whip-like sounds throughout the piece, often just after a hoof clipping sound, made to act like sounds of the sleigh ride itself on Christmas eve…as the audience you have to try to clap when you hear the whip- its very hard, particularly the last few which appear out of nowhere…”

If you want to buy this CD for yourself, it’s still possible to get a copy even though it was released back in 2003. Here it is!

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