Poetry and autumn wisdom

Last Sunday we had a time to share reflections, poems, songs or things that God was reminding us of. We started with some prayer origami, as a physical way of connecting with God’s blessings for us and for each other. Then we were reminded us that even though we can’t see God answering prayers, whichContinue reading “Poetry and autumn wisdom”


Why revive is a rubbish ‘Student Church’

by Simon ¬†Hall It’s that time of year: Hyde Park, Woodhouse, Headingley and Burley are gearing up for the arrival and return of tens of thousands of students. Some of them are Christians, a few of them are exploring spirituality in different ways. Maybe that’s you. If so, you should probably consider going to aContinue reading “Why revive is a rubbish ‘Student Church’”

What is revive? A blog about labels…

On Sunday night we continued our conversation about what God is saying to us about the future of revive and I (Simon) was called out for excessive theological jargon. Fair cop! I apologise. My only defense is that in the world of clergy these labels are used constantly. Let me outline roughly¬†what I said: ThereContinue reading “What is revive? A blog about labels…”