About last night…

For those of you who were at revive last night to discover how rusty my guitar skills are (think a world war two submarine at the bottom of the north sea), here is a link to the version of Amazing Grace that I destroyed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJlOdJqxnz8 Maybe we could try it again one day. Or maybeContinue reading “About last night…”


The Revive Zombie Apocalypse!

Greetings and welcome to revive 2.0. Or 0.2.352.61. Or something. Today is my first day working for revive. After a few years of near-death, even trying quite hard to kill the thing, revive has risen from the grave and is feeling a bit perky. A zombie church, if you will. So as revive begins toContinue reading “The Revive Zombie Apocalypse!”