The 17th Day of Advent – The Magi

By Simon B.This blog post is centered around a time of meditation, prayer and music. Let’s start by sitting somewhere comfortable, quiet and with either a mobile phone or computer nearby. Pick up your bible and read Matthew Chapter 2 v7-12: “7 Then Herod called the Magi secretly and found out from them the exact timeContinue reading “The 17th Day of Advent – The Magi”


15th Day of Advent – The Annunciation

By Megan G. I would like to share a painting / story from my friend Iain Campbell who is an artist.( The blog contains a few really powerful painting, but I particularly like his annunciation painting and accompanying video which are both wonderful. It’s mostly focused on on the Angel speaking to Mary. The Annunciation 2017,Continue reading “15th Day of Advent – The Annunciation”