Revive’s first ever (for a while at least) monthly email

So Joelle is going to communicate with you via email, here’s the first: Hello all, February Fun Fact: Worms in a worm farm are special worm-farm-worms… (say that fast three times!) [second fun fact: did you know that we used to have a printed monthly newsletter?] In this Edition (of the Becoming-More-Regular-Revive-Email-Dispatch): Day Away LooseContinue reading “Revive’s first ever (for a while at least) monthly email”

Shaw-Wood Forest this Sunday

Hey everyone, and welcome back to our summer-sleeping blog… This Sunday at 3-6pm we are gathering at the Shaw’s woods north of Sheffield. PLEASE DRESS APPROPRIATELY! If the weather is really bad we will put the gazebo up, but expect to be out in the wilds nonetheless.┬áBRING STOUT FOOTWEAR. And please bring things you canContinue reading “Shaw-Wood Forest this Sunday”