Meet Jude Smith, our day away contributor

It’s less than two weeks until our day away, and I thought you’d like to meet Jude Smith, known on twitter as @gingervicar: Hi Jude, can you tell us where that accent comes from? Hello, yeah- I’m from Luton.. which when typed has a T in the middle but rarely does in spoken form. SomeContinue reading “Meet Jude Smith, our day away contributor”


Connect to the City

Thought some of you might like to know that there’s a great event on in Leeds for everyone from the church that cares about social action in the city. It’s an amazing opportunity to see what’s going on around Leeds, and it’s on the 6th November.┬áThis year the theme is diversity…

Christmas, already!

Revive doesn’t really do religion very well – that’s sometimes on purpose, sometimes by accident or neglect. But Christmas is different, particularly because so many other people do religion at Christmas. Last year Left Bank gave away 360 free tickets to its Carol Service, and this year there will be two. Our ‘Left Bank GodContinue reading “Christmas, already!”