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This is where we will be posting links to resources that we might want to come back to.

It’s very much a work in progress, so keep watching this space…

Season of Prayer

In the first half of 2016, we spent some time devoted to catching something of God’s heart and vision for Revive, and as part of that we wrote a prayer as a community. The official season of prayer may have ended, but these words still stand.

Community Prayer

Styles of Spirituality and Rhythms of Prayer

Here are permanent links to the blog posts reflecting on our sessions on styles of spirituality and rhythms of life. These are all about learning how we best connect with God and then using that understanding to develop patterns of prayer and spirituality and rest.

Styles of Spirituality

Rhythms of Prayer

Teaching Series

Here are a few posts which attempt to sum up some of our recent conversations and explorations.


Ignatian Spirituality

Grappling with the Bible

Prayer Activities

Here are some ideas and materials for prayer. Hopefully there will be something here that is helpful.

Imaginative Prayer Walking

Praying For An Hour

Praying Through The Lord’s Prayer

Using Lectio Divina

Praying The Examen

Daily prayer from the Northumbria Community

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